Borrow money with negative BKR registration.

A negative BKR registration can weigh quite heavily on the possibilities to borrow money again. However, our advisers can be of good service if you need some extra money in the coming period. Request a thirst for apple or finance a specific purchase? The negative BKR registration can have consequences for a longer period of time, we will gladly check with you what is possible.

Recovery code at the BKR offers possibilities

Recovery code at the BKR offers possibilities

The arrears on current loans must of course first be made up before it is possible to borrow money again on the basis of a negative BKR registration. Is there still a backlog? In that case, you cannot simply borrow money again, mainly intended to protect yourself against an excessive monthly installment. Once you have redeemed the current loan, it is important to have a recovery code (H) applied by the agency that requested the negative BKR registration. Once that recovery code is there we can take the next step forward.

Arrears on loan already repaid

Arrears on loan already repaid

Do you have a negative BKR registration due to a backlog on a loan already repaid? There must not have been any coding on account of a settlement, the handing over of the claim or a waived loan. Is that not the case and do you want to borrow money again despite an old negative BKR registration? In most cases, our advisors can then be of good service to you.

Low interest for loan after negative BKR registration

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Even with an (old) negative BKR registration, it is possible to borrow money relatively cheaply at a low interest rate. We take a good look at your current and future situation, for example to prevent financial problems now and in the future. This offers the lender more certainty and prevents you from having to deal with a negative BKR registration again. Our advisors have extensive experience with such cases, so that we can properly advise you on this. That is completely free of charge and the quotation is free of obligation, so you are not tied to anything. Want to know more about our advisors? Contact us for more information. This can be done by making a request online, starting a live chat or contacting us by telephone. Our advisors are ready for you.

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