Do you need a cash loan at this time?

When we want to carry out large projects we imagine incredible things, we dream a lot and for a moment we imagine that there are no limits to meet our goals. However, we must be aware of the economic solvency we have to achieve our goals.

A loan can be the solution to start a new business, start a trip, make arrangements at home, buy a car or start a university degree.

Credit is a flow of money that a bank or other financial institution lends you on condition that you pay it under a certain amount and time limit. When acquiring it, some institutions in Guatemala require determining factors to approve or deny a loan, for example, the credit record, a guarantor or a socioeconomic study. With us it is different, in Credits Good Financee we ​​help you when you say “I need an urgent loan” .

Advantages of requesting a loan with us

Advantages of requesting a loan with us

With Credits Good Financee there is no need for a long and annoying process, we have innovated to give you the best solution and give you great benefits:

  • You get the right amount of money that can be used to cover heavy expenses in your home.
  • Our credits are made with custom fees and a convincing term, so you can improve your credit record.
  • We believe in you and for that, there is no need for you to have a surety.
  • We understand that you need fast and urgent credit, so we avoid long lines and complications. Here you will have your loan with basic requirements and with the ease of obtaining your money in 24 hours.
  • The Good Financee Extra, Good Financee Plus and Good Financee Premium credits have an interest that varies between 4.75% and 3.25% monthly on balances.
  • If you have previously applied for a loan with another financial institution, know in this article how to get out of your debts by consolidating them with a Good Financee Credit.

How to request a loan instantly?

How to request a loan instantly?

To ask for a loan, the best thing you can do is to advise you and look patiently where you will acquire it, since in several banks all they do is offer you very compromising fees with unfavorable rates and times for your economy; and instead of being a help to you, it will become a long-term problem.

With us it is different, you can locate us on our website and request your loan online, call us at 2300-1412 or contact us by WhatsApp at + (502) 4498-1234 . We will give you personalized advice so that the loan is your best option. or if you prefer, request your credit with us easily and quickly here.

Subsequently, it is necessary to indicate the term that suits your needs. You can choose between 24, 48 and 60 months of payment , each with different interest rates and benefits.

Remember that to finalize and request

Remember that to finalize and request

The credit you must fill out a form divided into 3 sections:

  • In this part you will be able to verify the amount, the months and the quota that you set previously. In addition, you can fill in your personal data such as names and surnames, telephone and email.
  • Here should be important information such as your location, age, NIT and your Personal Identification Document (DPI).
  • Finally, you only have to leave your profession, seniority, marital status, reasons for the application and your income.

Now that you know how your Good Financee Credit works, take a risk and start a new project with these profitable business ideas that are working quite well in Guatemala, or if you prefer, you can also learn to manage your money with these 5 free applications.

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