How to get out of debt in Guatemala? | Debt Consolidation

If you have applied for a loan or a bank loan, you may have accumulated debts and discovered that the more debts you acquire, the more difficult it is to settle them. In this article we tell you how to get out of debt in Guatemala consolidating them, so it will be easier to pay them and have a lower interest.

We all have dreams, and that is what would be of life if we did not have goals to meet ?, but there is something we can not deny and is that in many occasions to meet our objectives we need money (a little more than we have), about all when it comes to investing to undertake, or study. In these cases a loan is a good solution.

Ok, yes, this may give you some fear and more if at the time of applying for your loan you do not know the deductions that can be made by financial institutions and you feel that you can borrow unnecessarily. Do not be alarmed, we are here to help you and that is why we will explain how to get out of debt quickly in an effective way.

What is debt consolidation?

What is debt consolidation?

Gather all your debts in one . The difference between this loan and a normal one is that with the consolidation the financial entity that gives you the loan will send the money directly to the institutions with which you have an obligation.

To request a consolidation it is very important that you be aware of your income and expenses, so you can make a family budget and you will know how much you can spend. One tip: totally eliminate your unnecessary expenses and try to generate in any way possible more income to cancel your debts, in this way you can organize your finances.

Benefits of consolidating your debts into one

Benefits of consolidating your debts into one

Consolidation is an aid to cancel debts such as: credit cards, cards included by commercial entities, personal loans, credits for studies and medical debts. In addition, when doing this procedure you will have the following advantages:

  • It is useful for short-term liquidity problems.
  • You will have a greater order in your finances by unifying your debts.
  • You will reduce your monthly expenses.
  • The interest rate will be much lower.

Now, how could you consolidate your debts?

Now, how could you consolidate your debts?

Credits Jen helps you to cancel your debts by consolidating them, request the ideal credit for you through our website and get a loan to pay your debts without surety, easy, fast and with your money in 24 hours.

This loan will have an interest rate of 5%. One of the lowest in the market and no hidden charges. Remember that to apply you must be over 21 years of age and be Guatemalan (for this you present your DPI), you must also have 3 month work continuity and give your cell phone number.

If you have many obligations and every month it costs you a lot of work to keep up with all your payments, consolidating your debts can be a good option for you, in this article you can know in detail how to consolidate your debts with a credit without surety. The important thing is to improve your financial habits, reduce your expenses and generate more income. This way your financial health will be in balance and you, much calmer.

Keep in mind that our experts will be willing to help you. Request your free advice and pay off your debts by consolidating.

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