Loan to take over other loans.

Loan borrowing? You can borrow money to combine several expensive or small loans into a single, well-arranged credit. This provides an overview and may help reduce costs, so that you pay a lower monthly payment for the various loans. Are you paying too much interest or are you missing the overview that runs the risk of late payments? It is a good idea to take out a loan so that you can transfer existing loans.

Cheap loan refinancing

Cheap loan refinancing

Transferring various loans to a single new loan contributes to the overview and affordability. Thanks to the low interest rate, you pay a lower monthly payment, the monthly installment is considerably lower. In addition, you have a good idea of ​​the money that is still open and the repayments that you must make each month. You can of course override both personal loans with a fixed interest rate and revolving loans with a variable interest rate. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Personal loan or revolving credit

Personal <a href=loan or revolving credit” />

Do you have multiple personal loans and do you want to combine them into a single, cheaper loan? Is there a personal loan as well as a revolving credit and are you looking for ways to make this easier? We can imagine that. At Fienatent we ensure a competitive interest rate and help you get the overview back. You can take out a loan to take out other loans, so that a single credit is created that you can pay well and pay back in a clear way.

Advice for rescheduling

Advice for rescheduling

Wondering what is possible or what you should count on if you transfer the loans to a new cheaper loan? We are happy to assist you with free advice. We advise you on the possibilities, outline both the old and the new situation and of course provide the lowest interest rates in the Netherlands. The result? You can transfer your existing loans to a new cheaper loan. In this way we ensure that the monthly period will be lower and you will have the overview again. Call us, chat with an advisor or request more information. We would like to hear from you.

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